currently coveting: january 2015

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  • mascara t shirt by Yeah Bunny $28.21– I recently discovered Yeah Bunny on Etsy and I am already IN LOVE with all of the original artwork on their T shirts, swimsuits, and accessories. This shirt is one of my favorites, perfect for any makeup addict.
  • charmed rope bracelets by JillMakes $20– These cute, kitschy bracelets are perfect for layering with other charm bracelets or bangles. I love the tiny leather tassels that dangle off of them!
  • solid 14k rose gold pendant by adorn512 starting at $249– For some reason I have always been drawn to rose gold, I find the pink hue to be softer and more luxurious feeling than yellow gold. Adorn512 makes the.perfect. initial pendants I have ever seen. Plus, they look just like the one worn in The Carrie Diaries. So, there’s that.
  • white leather backpack by kokosina $108.13– I can’t believe I am starting my first semester of college this month. I mean, wasn’t I just a freshman in high school like a week ago? No? Oh. Well, anyway… I feel that something as grown-up as college calls for a cool grown-up backpack. This white leather one is made to order from genuine leather in Italy and fits a 13′ laptop. And for just over a hundred bucks.

xoxo mackenzie

DIY: Wrapped Chain Necklace

Wrapped chain necklaces are everywhere. I have seen countless pins on Pinterest about wrapped chain jewelry, you can find them in stores like American Eagle, and you can even buy them on sites like Etsy… and for good reason! They are super cute, combining edgy chains with that friendship-bracelet-I-made-at-camp feel, and are perfect to DIY for a great and unique statement piece!

This past weekend I went antiquing (one of my fav past-times!) and came across some chunky chains that were begging to be wrapped in torn pieces of raw silk (or any fabric, ribbon, or cord that you like). Needless to say, I had a very relaxing Sunday watching my pre-recorded E! News while wrapping some chains!

What you will need:

  • Plain chain link necklace or bracelet (the larger the links, the easier it will be to wrap)
  • Strip of fabric or ribbon that is about 2x as long as your chain (I used raw silk that I tore about 3/4 inch thick)
  • Contrasting floss, the same length as the fabric/ribbon (optional)


Start by cutting or tearing your material of choice (I used some fabulous hot pink raw silk that I tore about 3/4 of an inch thick). Starting at one end of your chain necklace, tie the fabric in a tight knot. 20130910-121918.jpg

With your fabric secured to the chain, you can begin to wrap it along one side of the necklace. If the holes of the chain are too small to push the fabric through with your fingers, you can use a pencil or the end of a skinny paint brush to help get it through.

Once you’ve wrapped the entire length of the chain, tie the fabric to the end just like you did when you started, except now on the opposite end.20130910-121930.jpg

To add a little more depth of color, I took some floss in a slightly lighter shade of pink and repeated the process.20130910-121941.jpg

Here is my finished necklace:20130910-121950.jpgSoooooo easy, right!? No need to spend a lot of money for a great statement necklace… all you need is a few simple materials and a little bit of time. Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed!

xoxo Mackenzie

Currently Coveting: December 2014

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  • Minnetonka Hi Top Back Zip Boot from American Eagle $49.99– I love the fringe and braided detail around the ankle on these suede booties. I think they would be really cute paired with rolled up skinnies and a loose T.
  • Printed Silk Headband from American Eagle $9.50– The print on this headband is really striking and the small braided section gives it a little more interest than just a plain band. I’ve been needing some great headbands for those days when a messy bun is the only thing that’ll work, and this one would be perfect.
  • Personalized Flora Patterned Journal from Etsy $25– Ever since I could remember, I’ve been a collector of journals. I love to write and sketch so there are always multiple journals, notepads, and sketchbooks at my desk. This journal is really unique in that it can be customized to have any name on the cover (great for gifts!). The pages are all lined on one side and blank on the other, perfect for sketching and then writing down details- genius!
  • Goreski Glasses Ring from Kate Spade $48– Leave it to Kate Spade for fun, whimsical, and classy accessories. I’m usually not such a ring-wearer, but I was drawn to how simple this one was while remaining unique and cheeky!
  • Lace Trim Tee from J.Crew $55– It is always the right time to buy a great T shirt. I love the T shirts from J.Crew because they are always so soft. I was so excited when I came across this ivory T because of the lace trim on the bottom. Just that little added touch really takes your casual jeans and T outfit to a more put-together level.
  • Downing Tote in Citron from J.Crew $168– The color of this leather tote is just mesmerizing- it’s not too neon, not too pastel. Absolute perfection.

xoxo Mackenzie

Untitled #10

Untitled #10

Field jacket

H&M high waisted jeans
$47 –

Nike sneaker

Label Lab black hat
$20 –

Untitled #9

Untitled #9

Dream State

Dream State

Untitled #8

Untitled #8

Cable dress

Vans sneaker

Proenza Schouler backpacks bag
$1,290 –

Warehouse stud earring set
$7.83 –

Kate Spade tech accessory

14th Union tube scarf

MAC Cosmetics lips makeup