Sunny Disposition

Sunny Disposition

Miguelina crochet top

Summer shoes
$50 –

Cross body
$70 –

Aldo bracelet

Tech accessory

Vince camuto glasses

Clinique lip gloss
$28 –

Tutorial: Marble Nail Art



This nail art actually came about by accident (hopefully you can’t tell…) but I ended up liking what happened better than my original idea! I won’t bother telling you what I was actually trying to do, but the marbling that happened with the different color paints turned out to be really fun and interesting. It kind of reminds me of confetti.. or like unicorn barf (my brother’s words, not mine). And you really can’t mess this up… believe me.  I hope you like it!



  1. Start by painting your thumb, middle finger, and pinky red.
  2. Next, using nail polish or paint pens in different colors (I used pink, yellow, turquoise, and orange) make random dots on your pointer and ring fingers. Make the dots close together so that they cover the nail and swirl together.
  3. After everything is really dry, finish with a glossy top coat.

xoxo Mackenzie

Baby Blue

Baby Blue

Kate Spade yellow purse

Floppy hat
$23 –

Vince camuto eyewear

Hair accessory

Ilia lips makeup

DIY: Painted Denim Vest + Lady Gaga’s artRAVE


Yesterday was the best day of my life. After weeks of trying to figure out how to get concert tickets in Japan (which is by lottery, so add a few more weeks of worrying about winning the ticket lottery…) and then months of waiting for the actual day to come, I got to see Lady Gaga for the second time in concert.

To say that I love Lady Gaga is an extreme understatement, so last night couldn’t have been better! Anyway, I just wanted to share how I made my outfit for the show (because you know I couldn’t have gone without wearing something crazy and original). It’s really easy- all I did was get a cool denim vest and some acrylic paints and went to town painting the back. You could of course do any design, but I went with Lady Gaga’s skeleton logo from her Born This Way album.

First, make your template on plain white paper and cut it out. Trace the outline onto the vest with a black acrylic paint pen. Next, carefully cut out the inner details of the pattern so that you can trace those too (like the eye and nose holes).


Next, start filling-in the holes and add the details.




When I was done with the outline and details, I added color and paint around the edges of the vest. Allow to dry for at least 8-12 hours before wearing!


I also made my seashell bra top by cutting out large shells out of felt and painting on details. I pinned them to a bra, added a pig snout, sunglasses, and fishnet stockings for my artRAVE outfit!



xoxo Mackenzie

Weekend Wandering

Weekend Wandering

BeBop belted shorts


Nail polish
$4.02 –

Outdoors In

Outdoors In

Black rug

Rustic dinnerware
$25 –

Ceramic mug
$8.42 –

Bobby Berk Home wall art

NLXL scrapwood wallpaper
$335 –

Floral decor

Jayson Home gold tray

Ceramic pot
$11 –

Flower pot

Round kitchen table
$4,515 –

Bistro chair
$135 –

Wanderlust Living

Wanderlust Living

Eichholtz nickel lighting
$1,665 –

Arteriors table lamp

Floral area rug

H M bed sheet
$6.71 –

Woven chair

Low table
$250 –