DIY: Tassel Bag

Last week I was waisting time doing valuable research on Pinterest when I came across this bag from the Chanel Resort 2015 collection. I mean, I am just waiting for when Chanel runs out of fabulous things to create… but I doubt it will ever happen…. not that I want them too!

Anyway, of course I had to figure out a way to get that bag. Buying it was out of the question, obviously. Making an exact copy would be pretty difficult (and there’s no fun in that!), but I knew I could create a bag of my own that would have the same feeling as the Chanel one, but that would be all mine and only I would have.

That same day I went straight to the store and bought all of the beautiful colors of embroidery floss I could find. When I’m on a DIY mission, believe me, I don’t mess around.

What you will need:

  • A small to medium black bag that can be sewn onto (I used a faux leather bag from H&M)
  • Embroidery floss or very thin yarn in different colors, buy more than you will think you need- I used a lot, maybe 30 to 40 total bundles of floss
  • Black (or navy) cotton cord
  • Black embroidery floss
  • Embroidery needle
  • 4 to 5 inch long piece of cardboard
  • Scissors


First, you will need to make all of your tassels. To make one, take one of your colors of floss/yarn and wrap it length-wise around your piece of cardboard (I did mine about 20 time around).


Gently slide the floss off of the cardboard.


Cut a separate 4-inch piece of floss and tie it around the center of your bundle that you just made.


Fold the bundle in half.


Cut another 4-inch piece of floss and tie it around the bundle to create the tassel. With scissors, snip through the loops at the end.


Now for the bag: Take your cord and cut 6 pieces that stretch length-wise across the bag and two that stretch top to bottom. With the black embroidery floss and needle, sew the 6 length-wise cords to the bag by stitching only at the ends of each cord, it will look like 6 bands going across. Now sew the other 2 cords so that you have your bag divided into 3 even sections. Every time the top-to-bottom cord meets a length-wise cord, stitch it down. Try to stitch all the way through the bag if you can. this will make a stronger attachment.

NOTE: For my bag, it opens by flap, so I only sewed onto the front flap, not all over the bag.


Now for the easiest part! Once you have your grid on the bag, you can attach the tassels. Just randomly tie them onto the cords until you have the coverage you want.


It only took me a few days working off and on, but I am very happy with how it came out! It’s bright, colorful, fun, and definitely unique. By using colors that you love, this bag is totally one-of-a-kind and perfectly tailored to you!


Chevron, neon pink, and a bunch of tassels. To much? Nah.

I should also mention that I wore black Converse with a cheetah print tongue. What can I say… I go big.


xoxo Mackenzie


Nautical Nelly

Nautical Nelly

Pink dress
$34 –

Converse white shoes
$91 –

Gold jewelry

Lip gloss
$11 –

Tutorial: The Little Mermaid Nail Art

When I was little (and even now), my favorite princess was and always will be the Little Mermaid. I wished for flowing red hair and big blue eyes like hers, and a beautiful singing voice too. I still don’t have any of those things, but I’m OK with that now… what I do have though is an Ariel-inspired nail art tutorial to share! It’s really easy, and super cute to wear to the pool or the beach (cause you know, you will definitely impress the mermaids if you happen to meet any!)20140706-午後024326-53006911.jpg


  1. Start by painting each nail a base color. For the thumb, index, and middle fingers use a bright red to represent Ariel’s hair. For the ring finger, use an ivory or flesh-tone color. Finally, paint the pinky finger a shimmery green to represent her tail.
  2. Once everything is dry, add the details to the ring finger. With the same shimmery green that you used on the pinky, paint the top of Ariel’s tale by holding the brush at an angle and making two strokes at the tip of the nail- angle each stroke down towards the tip of the nail so that they meet in the middle.
  3. Next, paint the bikini top using a purple paint and a detailing tool. Make two circles in the middle of the nail and two lines going out towards the sides to be the straps.
  4. Finally, finish everything off with a glossy top coat and let dry!

xoxo Mackenzie

Currently Coveting: July 2014

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  • Tiered Droplets Necklace from J.Crew $50This tiered necklace from J.Crew is simple yet special all at the same time. I like the daintiness and lightness of it for hot summer months. The little glass-flecked charms remind me of stars! And the price is not bad at all.
  • Lace Shorts from H&M $39.95Where I lived in the US we didn’t have an H&M store nearby, so I had never been before I came to Japan. Now I frequent their Harajuku location a little too often, but I just can’t help it! So.many. floors of adorable stuff… and for amazing prices. Anyway, I love these lace shorts because they just seem so light and fresh. Not to mention they can be paired with almost everything! I’d wear them with a coral or mint top and a denim jacket.
  • Patterned Scarf from H&M $6.95I like this scarf because it’s a great neutral color and pattern, making it really easy to mix with other patterns.
  • Sunglasses from H&M $12.95I have a thing for fun sunglasses, and these are just great! Cat-eye shapes are my favorite, and I like the clear with the pop of color.
  • Peplum Top from H&M $39.95Another excellent H&M find. This top is a great basic to have because the color is neutral, but the shape is really cute and fun. It can easily be dressed up or down by pairing it with skinny jeans or a pencil skirt. I also think it would be really nice with printed shorts.
  • Two-toned suede and leather tote from halfmoonatelier on Etsy $231.77Nothing is better than a really great leather tote. They can be used for shopping, the beach, school,  or as a handbag. The best thing is, though, is that they look better and better as they age. Honestly, investing in a good-quality leather tote is really awesome if you can do it. This one is handmade in the Netherlands.

xoxo Mackenzie

DIY: Vintage-style Tank Top

In my closet, I found some old vintage-style t-shirts that I got from the kids department at Old Navy when I was about 12. I tried them on, and even though they still fit, they needed an update if I were to continue wearing them. I mean, I couldn’t just get rid of them- they were finally broken in! You know, that perfect softness after 100 wears and just as many washes. Well, anyway, luckily updating old t-shirts is incredibly easy… just google “DIY t-shirt” and you’ll see.

The project I’m sharing today isn’t difficult in any way… it’s so easy I almost feel bad writing a post about it! All you need it your t-shirt and some good scissors. That’s it! Let’s get started.

First, lay your shirt on a flat surface and align all of the seams and edges so that when you cut, everything comes out as evenly as possible.


Start by cutting the collar, beginning at one shoulder and going all the way around, following the seam, so that you get back to your starting point.

Now cut the sleeves off, again by following the seams.

For the bottom, measure about 4 to 5 inches up from the hemline on both sides. Make a mark or small cut to keep your place. Now on the front part of the shirt, starting at the bottom center, cut an upside-down triangle that ends about 4 to 5 inches up. Cut on both sides from your marks to meet the ends of the triangle (except for the back part of the shirt, you want to cut all of that). Now cut the triangle up the center to make two ties. This does not need to be perfect or precise, as you can see mine came out very uneven. Once you tie it, you won’t be able to notice.


Tie the ties in a knot. Now kind of stretch out the neck and arm holes so that the fabric starts to curl into itself a little at the edges. This creates even more of a relaxed, worn-in vibe.


I paired mine with some dark-washed high-waisted shorts and my converse for a relaxed errand-running weekend. I would even pair the tank with yoga pants for a workout look. Super comfy and cute!




xoxo Mackenzie

DIY: Felt Citrus Coaster

I was never a tea-drinker until I came to Japan for the first time about two years ago. Ever since my first sip of warm, toasty genmaicha though, I have been hooked on tea and can’t get enough. Every morning I start my day with a big mug of the hot stuff while I sit at my desk and check my emails… but a few days ago I realized that I was in need of a coaster! So I did what I always do and made my own- it’s super simple and takes no time at all!

What you will need:

  • 3 pieces of felt (1 orange, 1 white, 1 light orange)
  • Needle
  • Thread (I used white cotton thread)
  • Printer paper
  • Pen
  • Scissors


First, I took the biggest mug I had in my cabinet and used it to trace a pattern for the coaster. Use the mug to make 3 circles on the paper. Each circle came to about 4 inches across. Inside two of the circles, make another circle that is about ¼ to ½ an inch smaller. Finally, in one of the smaller circles, make sections using a ruler (I made 8 sections). In each of the sections, make a little oval that will be the seed.


Cut out the 1 large circle, the one small circle, 1 of the orange segments and 1 of the seeds. These will be your patterns to cut the felt.


Use the big circle pattern to cut out the “rind” using the darker orange felt. With the smaller circle pattern, cut the “pith” of the orange using the white felt. Now cut the sections of the orange with the lighter orange felt. In my paper pattern, I drew 8 sections, but when I cut the felt I only needed 7, so just arrange the sections on the “pith” as you cut them to see how many you need. Finally, cut out the white seeds.


Now you can start sewing. To prepare the needle and thread, just put the thread through the eye of the needle and pull until you have about 12 inches of thread through the needle. Double the thread over and cut from the spool. Tie the two ends together. Now sew a seed to each of the sections using a running stitch.


When all of the seeds are attached to the sections, arrange all of the sections on the “pith” so that they form a circle. Sew each section to the “pith”.


Now sew the “pith” and the attached sections to the large orange circle. Stitch around the outer white edges, using the same basic running stitch as with the seeds and sections.


Instantly brightens my morning while protecting my desk! These would also be great to give as gifts, and you could switch up the colors for different citrus fruits- greens for lime, pinks for grapefruit, and yellows for lemon!



xoxo Mackenzie